Become Blockchain Developer in 2022-Courses, Salary, and future of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is becoming one of the top emerging technology domains in the current scenario of the IT world. It’s set to revolutionize data management and commercial practices in the digital world.

Blockchain technology was initially created as support of the Bitcoin platform. Still, it is used in many business and government sectors due to its quickly demonstrating level of versatility and security.

Blockchain is no longer limited to bitcoin, but it has become much more extensive than that, and technologically it’s revolutionized the functioning of the digital world more securely and efficiently.

As per the Statistically report in 2021, the global blockchain technology market is valued at $5.92 billion and is expected to grow around $20 billion by 2025 with an 85.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Various IT giants such as Samsung, IBM, and amazon offer fantastic career opportunities for Blockchain developers.

If you want to get into the highest-paid and most demanding profession, you should consider becoming a Blockchain Developer. This profession has a lot of growth potential.

Suppose its prospect intrigues you, and you want to know about this exciting and intriguing profession. In that case, you must read the complete article you get to learn about How to become a blockchain developer in 2022, What is BlockChain Developer, the Types of blockchain developers, the future of blockchain developers, the Salary of Blockchain developers, and also Courses for Blockchain developer-related information.

Who is a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is concerned with a distributed database that maintains the records of every transaction executed across the network of computer systems around the globe.

Blockchain developers are those tech professionals who have specific interests in Blockchain technology and knowledge-based specializations to develop and optimize decentralized applications and are accountable for creating innovative solutions with high command, integrity, and control.

They are also in charge of performing smart contracts tasks such as blockchain architecture, Blockchain protocols designing, and intelligent contracts building.

They have the skill-set to deal with architecture integration, computer system selection, 3D design,3D modeling,3D content development, complex analysis, testing, and debugging.

Blockchain development is similar to web development. Developers are proficient in one or more programming languages, and they can operate on multiple systems platforms. Generally, Blockchain Developers can be classified into two types.

Let’s take a look and understand the roles & responsibilities of both profiles.

Types of blockchain developers

There are two different kinds of Blockchain Developers: Blockchain Software Developer and Core Blockchain Developers.

Core Blockchain developers

A Core Blockchain Developer is responsible for designing the blockchain network security and optimizing the architecture development of a Blockchain system.

In essence, the Core Blockchain Developer design, develop, and maximize the protocols and make most of the vital decisions that support a blockchain solution and create the foundation upon which others will build.

  • The Core blockchain developers are responsible for blockchain network security.
  • The Core developers design and implement the network security.
  • They implement various functionality and features to ensure that they work as intended.
  • They also make sure that the network is operational.
  • The core Developer also extends the functionality and features of the blockchain network.
  • They also design Blockchain protocols and consensus protocols to monitor the network architecture.
  • The developers implement blockchain network integration with other services.

Blockchain Software Developer

A Software Blockchain Developer’s primary responsibility is to develop and implement design and build the front end & backend of the Dapp as per the plan by the core developer. They use core web architecture to create decentralized applications (Dapps) and web varieties.

  • The Software Blockchain Developer mainly uses the computer languages Solidity and Javascript to write code.
  • The link between web and mobile applications.
  • Software Developer develops dApps.
  • They embed smart contracts as per core developers’ design.
  • Software Developer makes sure that dApps run as planned.
  • They Developed APIs for blockchain integration.
  • They also look at blockchain network integration with other apps.

Is there a future for blockchain developers?

The technology field has infinite potential and in that. Blockchain development is a relatively new field, and it’s become one of the most demanding and promising areas in the software development field because blockchain technology is no longer the only use-cases of Cryptocurrencies and digital payment rather than many more industries and people are adopting this exceptional technology.

It is a relatively new field so learning these skills is the best choice. In the current scenario, the market is slowly adopting this technology.

Many IT giants companies are already adopting these technologies and hiring blockchain developers at very high salaries due to less awareness in this field. Still, it’s spreading with a high potential and growth rate.

Still, When the market completely internalizes this blockchain technology, you’ll face high competition, but that’s the perfect time to learn Blockchain And increase your experience so that even if the competition increases in the upcoming time, you will be able to grow potential in it.

As per LinkedIn’s recent report, Blockchain is one of the most demanding skills. In the current times after robotics, it’s become the second most demanded role and a worldwide plethora of jobs available with massive salaries for Blockchain developers.

According to reports, Blockchain developers’ domain grows at a mindblowing rate of 2,000 to 6,000% compared to any conventional developer jobs, and their salaries are 50 to 100 times higher.

Salary of Blockchain developer

The blockchain developer’s salary depends on various criteria such as job role, work location, company, experience, and talents. Experience is one of the essential aspects in determining a developer’s salary.

In general Blockchain developer experiment has provided more value to the company. Depending on experience levels, here is a list of developer Average Salaries (Per Annum).

  • Junior Blockchain Developer: 7 to 30 LPA.
  • Intermediate Blockchain Developer: 15 to 50 LPA.
  • Senior Blockchain Developer: 30 to 100 LPA.

Another aspect is Job location. It’s also determined a developer’s salary in big cities. You’ve more opportunities to demonstrate your qualifications. Here is a list of Blockchain developer salaries in India to get a rough idea about popular towns. Average Salary (Per Annum).

  • New Delhi: ₹7.00 LPA – 30 LPA
  • Hyderabad:₹6.00 LPA – 30 LPA
  • Gurugram: ₹6.50 LPA – 30 LPA
  • Pune: ₹6.00 LPA – 30 LPA
  • Bengaluru: ₹8.00 LPA – 30 LPA

Job Roles are also the most important aspect of a Developer’s Salary. It depends on two factors: the first, candidate experience, and the second tech stack in which they are comfortable. There are various job roles the Base Salary Per Annum varies on the different profiles, such as:

  • Smart Contract Developer: $60K – $120K
  • Integrations Engineer:$80 – $120K
  • Core Engineer: $100K – $150K
  • Solidity Smart Contract Engineer: $80K – $100K
  • Smart Contract Engineer:$100K – $130K.

In a single word, a Blockchain developer’s starting Salary in India is around 7LPA to 30LPS, while a blockchain developer’s average per annum salary is around $90,000. In the United States, the average annual salary is $136,000.

How long does it take to become a blockchain developer?

As technology penetrates every primary sector, many people are interested in switching careers and becoming Blockchain developers. This field welcomes candidates from different backgrounds to broaden their careers in new technology, but you’ve to work hard to gain skills and program efficiently.

This field has a vast scope, but errors are not tolerated as a higher risk. In my options, it’s is an excellent course for a new career, and If you scared you aren’t from a programming background, then don’t worry; you can still learn Blockchain development because it does not require prior programming experience.

Blockchain is not a strange technology. It’s just a new concept to maintain ledgers with high cryptographic protocols. If you’re starting from scratch, you will have to learn coding from scratch, and it might take a year to learn and practice.

If you already know coding and development, then it takes a minimum of three months to be fully used to the blockchain development. So Blockchain developer training duration depends on the candidates and their course or targeted skills.

It usually takes 3 months to 3 years, depending on the course structure and from, whether you are pursuing it on a part-time or full-time basis, and the intensity of practicing.

Roadmap to  Become the blockchain developer

The essential thing Before Becoming a Blockchain Developer you’ve to first’ understand the blockchain technology and how it works. When you know how it works, rest it will be easier for you.

Step 1: Learn Basics

The first step is to become a blockchain developer. You’ve to learn how to program. Prior if you have no programming experience, then you’ve to start learning the basics of programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, Solidity, etc., and how to program in languages followed by data structures and algorithms to magnify problem-solving skills.

Step 2: Understand the Basics of Blockchain

Once you get done with coding skills now, you’ve to understand the Blockchain fundamentals, including decentralization, hashing functions, mining, consensus mechanisms, Address, ASIC, security, Ethereum, Hard fork, Hash Rate, Smart Contract, Cryptoeconomics, Cryptography, Proof of Work, etc. also know blockchain components such as block index, block hash, block time, timestamp, etc.

Steps 3: understand Ethereum and DApps

Decentralized Applications are software systems developed on blockchain platforms such as EOS, Hyperledger Ethereum, etc.

Ethereum and DApps are the most prominent parts of Blockchain Development Ethereum is a decentralized open-source network to run intelligent protocols. For DApps apps development, we recommended starting with Ethereum because it has versatile functionalities.

Steps 4: Learn about Smart Contracts and Solidity

Once you understand the basics of Blockchain Ethereum and DApps, now let’s go into the deeper domain of Blockchain and learn about important concepts such as Smart Contracts and Solidity. Smart Contracts are used for automation purposes with protocols or instructions, and it’s working on three major components: Terminable, Deterministic, and Isolation. Solidity is a high-level language that is statically typed to write smart contracts. Specific languages are available for writing smart contracts, such as Simplicity and Vyper.

Steps 5: Learn hands-on get some interaction with the system Experience

Practice is essential after; theoretically, you’ve to gain hands-on experience in Blockchain Development. It’ll test your theoretical learning in the particular technology.

Technical Skills Required For Blockchain Developers

Here are some Technical Skills Required for Blockchain Developers to handle job profile responsibilities. But You have to master at least one skill to become a successful developer.

  • Blockchain design/Architecture
  • Data structures and databases
  • Cryptography
  • Smart Contract Development
  • decentralized applications
  • Web-Development

Courses for Blockchain developer 2022

Now that you must have understood how you can become a blockchain developer, the question in your mind will be from where to learn blockchain development.

Suppose you want to learn Blockchain development online, then websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, and udacity. Now let’s know which course is best for you.

Coursera Blockchain Specialization course: This is one of the best Blockchain Certification courses that will teach everything about Blockchain development from beginning to advanced. Of course contain smart contracts creation, decentralized applications, secure channels development, etc.

Udemy Blockchain A-Z course: There are various blockchain courses on Udemy, but it’s one of the best course for beginners who want to learn Blockchain development from scratch course contain how code functions behind blockchain technology, decentralized blockchain network works, blockchain technology functions, and how you build your decentralized blockchain network.

Learn the Basics of Blockchain with Python by Codecademy is also a good course for beginners where you get a Certificate

of completion after completing the course. You learn Fundamental Blockchain Concepts, Blockchain in Python, etc.

Become a Blockchain Developer by udacity: in my opinion, this is one of the best courses offered for Blockchain Developer. If you are a noob in programming, you must join this course. After enrolling, you learn about Blockchain and its functions, from basic to advanced.

course contains Blockchain Fundamentals, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens, Dapps, Dapp with autonomous smart contracts and oracles, Blockchain Architecture, etc. This course’s estimated time is 4 Months,10 hrs/week.

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