Bhunaksha portal UP 2022: Download Bhunaksha, Land Record

The term Bhunaksha is made up of two Hindi words are, Bhu and Naksha which means Land and map respectively in Hindi. So, basically, the Bhunaksha is a detailed map of a particular piece of land. The people buying lands in rural areas tend to have a look at the Bhunaksha of the plot to get detailed information about that land in advance. Even the property owners take help from Bhunaksha to know the current status of their plots.

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Bhunaksha is also helpful before starting any building process to avoid any kind of disturbances during the building procedure.

Bhunaksha is also considered a very vital document in producing property ownership papers. Bhunaksha also becomes essential when it comes to safety from any kind of Fraud activities related to land, properties, etc.

Benefits of this Portal

Approx. 1.35 lakhs cases were reported by the National Crime Records Bureau of India that were related to land and property-related fraud, forgery, etc.

So for that reason, you must obtain the bhunaksha of any part of the land before buying it so you can know about any kind of dispute with the ownership of the land. Bhunaksha helps you significantly in ensuring the legality or even the boundaries of any plot or land.

Obtaining a Bhunaksha by visiting government offices may be a tedious task for many of us.

So for the convenience of the general people, the government of Uttar Pradesh has launched an online portal to get the Bhunaksha of any plot online. This portal will allow the people in UP to check all the land-related queries and details at the comfort of their home simply on their phones.

This portal was launched by the Land Records Department also known as DLRS of the UP government. With the introduction of this portal, the process of checking and solving land-related queries will become much faster for the property owners and property buyers as well.

Also, this will bring more transparency in the entire process of checking or solving land records queries.

How to download UP Bhunaksha

Many of you must be wondering how you can check your Bhunaksha details online at your comfort. So, we have prepared a step to step guide for this so that you can easily download your Bhunaksha details from the Internet. So to do so, you need to follow the below steps:-

Step 1. First of all, you need to visit the official website of the UP Bhunaksha portal that is .

Step 2. After that, you need to go to the Bhunaksha page on this website whose link is .

Step 3. After that, you have to fill in all the necessary details like your village, tehsil, district, etc.

Step 4. You can check all the details about your land type by clicking on the “Show land type details” option on the next page. This option will tell you if the land is agricultural land, government-owned land, barren, and much more details about a particular plot or land.

Step 5. There is also an option to zoom in on a particular land to get more information about that land.

List of cities having land records on UP Bhunaksha online portal

Bhunaksha Lucknow :-

If you are a resident of the Lucknow district in Uttar Pradesh, then this portal is definitely very helpful for you. As it contains the records of all land-related queries for the Lucknow district also. 

Bhunaksha UP Gorakhpur:-

The UP Bhunaksha portal also has updated land records for the Gorakhpur district. So that the residents of the Gorakhpur district can also get benefitted from this portal and get all land-related information at their fingertips.

Bhunaksha Varanasi:-

Varanasi is among the most populous and important districts of Uttar Pradesh. The bhunaksha UP portal has updated land records also for the citizens of the Varanasi district.

Bhunaksha Agra:-

The local residents of the Agra district can check their Khasra, Khatauni, bhunaksha, and all other information related to their land on the Official website of the UP Bhunaksha Portal.

Bhunaksha Azamgarh:-

The property owners, farmers, and also the property buyers in Azamgarh will be highly benefited from the introduction of the Bhunaksha UP portal. As this will allow them to get all the details about their land in one place.

Bhunaksha Jaunpur:-

Jaunpur is also one of the prominent districts of Uttar Pradesh. The residents of Jaunpur can also check their land-related queries on the UP Bhunaksha online portal as this portal has the updated land records of Jaunpur districts too.

Bhunaksha Allahabad:-

The citizens residing in the Allahabad district can also avail the services offered by this portal at the comfort of their homes. The Bhunaksha UP portal contains the latest land records of many districts in which Allahabad is also present. 

Services Offered by this Portal

The main purpose behind launching the UP Bhunaksha Online portal was to provide convenience to the farmers, landowners, and plot buyers. So that they can check all the land-related queries anytime and anywhere at their comfort.

You can also check the details about the Khasra and Khatauni of any field at your fingertips. You just have to visit the official portal of the UP Bhunaksha portal in order to get all the required details for your land. You will also get to know details like the Name of the owner, the address of the owner, etc of a particular land. This portal also gives you details about the boundaries for land as well as its size.

All these details will be very helpful for the property buyers to avoid any kind of fraud activities. Also, the BhuNaksha obtained from the site will be a helpful document for small farmers or other people in receiving financial assistance from banks.

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