Matrix Movies in Order : Matrix Movies List and Parts 2022

Matrix Movies all parts in Order 2022

 Most of the people among you all must be a die hard fan of Hollywood movies.In this article, we will talk about a movie named as The Matrix. No doubt that Hollywood has produced so many action packed movies so far. The quality of the thriller and the suspense in this movie series has a very huge number of fans for them.

This movie series consists of a total of four parts. The first part of this series was released by the name, The matrix in 1999. The owner of this movie franchise is the most famous Warner Bros.

This movie series is written and directed by the same person, Wachowskis and the producer of this franchise is Joel Silver.

After the release of The Matrix in 1999, its sequel was released in the year 2003 with the name, The Matrix Reloaded. In 2003, two movies from this franchise was released, one was The Matrix Reloaded and the second one was The Matrix Revolutions.

Both of these movies were released in the same year which was an absolute treat for the lovers of this movie series franchise. After these movies, the next part of this series was released after a long gap of 18 years in 2021.

The next part was named as The Matrix Resurrections which was released after this long time period in 2021. In this article, we will know in details about every part of this movie series:-

1. The Matrix ( 1999 )

This movie was the first movie in the movie series franchise which was released in the year 1999. This movie starred Keanu Reeves who is one of the finest and popular action movies actors of the Hollywood. The visual effects used in this movie were also of top notch quality.

This movie is basically a kind of sci-fi movie which is very interesting to watch for the audience. It shows the breakdown between the human race and the evolving technology.

As all of us know that now – a – days , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is evolving at a very fast rate. In this movie, AI considers humans as a threat for their existence and hence they saw humans as their enemies. The machines in this movie use the humans as a source for their energy.

The matrix is a stimulation machine and the humans plugged in the Matrix could not figure out that they are sleeping for the whole time and they are actually watching their dreams.

There are agents in this movie who are just a computer program and they are the guard of the matrix. They try everything to kill all the free humans. But Keanu Reeves ( Neo ) tries to fight with the machines by trying his best.

However, the agents are very fast and powerful as they are the machines and their power is not limited. On the other hand, humans have a limited power in them. There is one twist that no matter how hard the humans try, they cannot kill the agents as the agents are just a computer program and cannot be killed.

They will again re spawn into some another human who will be plugged in the matrix machine.

2. The Matrix reloaded ( 2003 )

This is the second movie of this franchise released in the year 2003. In this part, the battle between the machines and the humans is going on to a next level. In this movie, the natural cycle of the Matrix machine is nearing its end point. If we look at the reviews of this movie, this movie was not loved by too much of people.

The reason behind this was that the story plot of this movie got too complex and also the characters were also complex in this part.

In this part, zion is shown for the first time. Zion is the secret place where all the free humans live. Neo comes in relationship with Trinity in this part. One day, Neo saw a dream in which the trinity dies which was very sad news for him. Neo could read the programming of the Matrix due to which he can see the events happening in the near future.

Neo has an offer of restarting the zion but instead of this , he chooses to save the life of Trinity. When Trinity is shot , neo catches him and give her CPR due to which her hearts begins pumping again and both of them exit the matrix.

3. The matrix Revolutions ( 2003 )

This is the third part of this movie series and this was also released in the year 2003. This movie showed the ending part of the matrix movie series trilogy. In this Movie, Neo is able to plug in wirelessly to the matrix.

Earlier he used to plug in to the matrix with the help of cables. Smith has the power to clone himself to any other character easily. Smith clones himself into many characters in this part. Neo soon realizes that there is no way to defeat Smith. So , he decides to die along with the Smith. He allows Smith to clone himself.

After cloning, the machines can now access smith via Neo , so the machine sends electric signal to Smith via Neo’s body. In this way, Smith dies but in this process, Neo also dies with him. After this, The matrix is reloaded and sent back to the stage before the Smith’s actions.

4. The Matrix Resurrections ( 2021 )

This movie was released after a very long gap of almost 18 years in the year 2021. In this parts, it is showed that the Matrix machine is stronger and more dangerous than ever before. There is a twist in this part that the Neo is back in his Virtual prison instead of being dead.

This movie is to be released on 22nd December, 2021. Since this movie is yet to be released, there is very less information available about the story plot of this movie.

But in this part, Neo will definitely come back to find the more stronger and dangerous matrix than ever.

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