TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test ) Exam Pattern, Syllabus and Cracking Tips

You must have heard about TCS, a leading IT firm in India. TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services, and it is evident from the name itself that this company is managed by the most prestigious Tata Group of companies. 

TCS is one of the dream companies for many graduates to work with. Also, many of you might be thinking about getting a job in this company; if you complete your Graduation, you must prepare for the TCS exam and achieve your dreams.

After your Graduation, you can prepare for the TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test ) Exam. Nowadays, the IT sector in India is booming like anything, so you should not worry about the opportunities in TCS as well because TCS is a mass recruiting company. 

We have come up with this article to provide you with every detail that you will require to clear the TCS exam for placements. We will talk about the Test structure, syllabus, Study materials for the exam, etc. You need to stick with this article until the last to benefit from this article.

TCS Exam Pattern

The TCS Exam is categorized into two main sections. These are: – Aptitude and Programming fundamentals. It would be best to practice the Aptitude very well as the TCS paper contains standard Aptitude problems. And for the programming section, you must be well aware of the basic programming concepts and the practice of some coding questions. 

The Aptitude section can be further divided into more sub-sections which are:-

·       Numerical Ability

·       Verbal Ability

·       Reasoning

What should I study for the TCS exam?

Before you start preparing for Exam problems in the Aptitude section, you need to get an idea about the topics being asked in these sub-sections. 

If we talk about the Numerical Ability section, this Part comprises the school-level mathematics that we all have studied at least once in our school. 

The topics important for the Numerical ability section are:-

1. Number System

2. Algebra

3. Simple Interest & Compound Interest

4. Age-related problems

5. Average

6. Probability

7. Sequence and series

8. Time and work

9. Speed, time, and distance

10. Ratio & proportion

11. Permutation and Combinations

12. Percentage

13. HCF, LCM

14. Area and Perimeter

15. Geometry

16. Data interpretation

17. Statistics

It would help to score better in the Numerical Ability section if you had a good hold on these mathematical topics. You should also learn some shortcut methods to solve problems from these topics that will save you some time in the TCS NQT exam. 

Now let’s talk about the Verbal Ability section-

This section tests your English grammatical knowledge. There will be around 24 questions in this section to test your grammatical skills. The important topics that you need to cover for this section are:-

1. Word – selection

2. Error correction

3. Passage ordering

4. Synonyms and Antonyms

5. Identifying errors

6. Passage comprehension

These are some of the most asked topics in the Verbal Ability section of the TCS exam. You should practice as many questions as you can from these topics to score well in the Verbal Ability section.

Next comes the Logical Reasoning section-

The logical Reasoning section is a kind of brain teaser section in the TCS exam. One needs deep analysis and a lot of practice to solve these kinds of questions. 

This section also contains very confusing problems, which are sometimes very time-consuming. So, you should also be careful not to invest so much time in these questions if you are somehow unable to do it. 

The topics included in this section are:-

1. Word patterns

2. Number series

3. Figure patterns

4. Blood relations

5. Seating Arrangement

6. Data Arrangement

7. Statements and conclusions

8. Decision making

9. Questions on a paper cut, folds, etc.

10. Venn diagram problems

You should have done a decent amount of practice on these topics, and only then will you be able to solve the problems from these topics in the TCS NQT exam. 

This section is the most time-consuming and confusing in the entire TCS exam paper, So you should pay more attention to this section in the exam.

The total time duration to complete the TCS NQT paper is 180 minutes. Out of 180 minutes, 120 minutes are provided for the Aptitude section, whereas the remaining 60 minutes are reserved for the Programming section. You have to manage your time accordingly to clear the test by working on both Parts.

How can I prepare for the TCS test?

We have listed the topics that must be studied for the TCS placement test. When preparing for the test, you must start learning the Basic Arithmetic topics like Percentage, LCM, HCF, Simple Interest, Probability, etc. 

You can watch Youtube tutorials to get through the topics and then solve some problems on that topic to master it. Once you are done studying all the important topics for the TCS Aptitude test, you can now solve the TCS previous year papers. 

Once you start solving TCS in last year’s papers, you will get an idea about the exam questions and their difficulty level. Also, by solving the previous year’s papers, you can manage your time according to the actual test structure.

How to Crack the TCS Aptitude Test?

Now, since you know which topics to study for the TCS Aptitude test, you should focus on the strategies to crack the TCS Aptitude test in one go. 

Several people have cleared the TCS test, and we have brought their plan to crack the test so you can benefit from them. We are listing down some of the suggestions and techniques for you to crack the TCS Aptitude test:-

1. During the test, you should first solve the problem which seems to be easiest for you. It is so because it will take less time for you to solve the known problems compared to the new problems. 

In this way, you can save your time and give more time to the difficult questions in the test. Better time management during the test will increase your chances of clearing the exam.

2. In the TCS test, you will be provided with the calculator and the rough sheet. So, you must master the art of properly using a calculator during the exam, which will save your precious time doing large calculations during the test. 

You can learn some tips to use the calculator precisely for the larger calculations some days before the exam.

3. Always be aware of the negative marking scheme in the test. If there is a negative marketing scheme, please do not mark any answer you are not sure of. Doing so will even reduce the positive marks you have earnt in the exam.


I hope this article provides a clear view of the TCS exam and how to get the job. Every People wants to settle in their life and shine in their career. Have any Questions been asked in the comment section? 

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