UP Bhulekh Portal 2022: Check Khasra, Khata Number and Land Details 2022

Introduction to UP Bhulekh Portal

The UP Bhulekh Portal is an online portal that is launched by the Revenue Council of the UP government for recording all the land activities in the entire state. This portal will help in bringing more convenience and transparency to the people of the UP state.

Earlier the introduction of this portal, most of the records related to the land such as Jamabandi, Khatauni, Hulekh, etc. was done on the papers manually.

But after the introduction of this portal, all the land-related record works have been computerized now in UP. The term BHULEKH consists of two words BHU and LEKH which means Land and Detail or record respectively in Hindi.

This portal will allow every citizen in the state to check their land-related information absolutely hassle-free with much more transparency.

Every citizen can avail of these services at the comfort of their homes. With the introduction of this portal, the citizen no longer needs to keep going to the government offices.

Even for small tasks like the sale of land, jamabandi, unique code, etc, people had to go to the government offices.

Also, this portal will introduce an enhanced security layer to the land records in the state which will be much more secure than the traditional paper files. Even for small tasks like the sale of land, jamabandi, unique code, etc, people had to go to the government offices.

Apart from security, this online portal will also save a lot of time in the regular government works with providing convenience to the general public.

Elements of UP BHULEKH PORTAL     

1. Khasra number:- This is a unique number which is also known as the Survey number provided to the owner of agricultural land by the government of UP.

2. Khatauni number:- This number acts as an account number of the cultivators who cultivate different parts of land having different Khasra numbers.

3. Khata number / Khewat number:- This number is an account number that is generally provided to those people who owns different parts of lands having different Khasra number.

4. Jamabandi / RoR / Fard:- This records all the details about the land like Area of land, cultivators’ names, Khasra number, information about all the crops, and much other information.

Services offered by Bhulekh Portal

UP Bhulekh Portal provides many services to the citizens of the state for their assistance and convenience. Some of the Services offered by the online Bhulekh portal are:-

1. Stamp and Registry services.

2. E – district

3. Citizens can also register their complaints on this online portal.

4. The citizens can also check the status of their complaints on the portal.

5. Revenue suit services

Steps to check UP Land records online

Since the Bhulekh online portal is launched for the convenience of the general public, you must know how to use it to take complete advantage of it. So, we are here with a complete step-by-step guide on how to use the UP Bhulekh portal. By following our guide, you can easily check the required land-related information at the comfort of your home over this portal:-

How to check your Unique Plot or Gatte code

Step 1. Visit the Bhulekh portal at www.upbhulekh.gov.in/.

Step 2. There you have to choose the “Know Unique Plot of code” option available on the homepage of the website.

Step 3. There you have to select all the basic details like Village, tehsil, districts, etc from a given list of options on the page.

Step 4. There you will have to enter your Gata number.

Step 5. After entering the Gata number, the unique code for your plot will appear on the screen.

How to file a complaint on the UP Bhulekh Portal

Step 1. First of all, you need to visit the official page, that is, www.jansunwai.up.nic.in .

Step 2. After that, you will have to click on the “Register Grievance” option that you will find on scrolling the homepage.

Step 3. After that, a declaration box will appear on your screen and you have to read and click on the “I agree“ option on the screen.

Step 4. After clicking on the above option, a registration page will open. There you have to enter all the important details for registration.

Step 5. After that, you can insert your complaint issue and submit it.

How to know condition of your plot on the UP bhulekh portal

Step 1. Log on to the official website, www.upbhulekh.gov.in/ on your web browser.

Step 2. After that, you have to click on the “Knowing the condition of the plot” option available on the screen.

Step 3. After that, a new page will open where you have to select your basic details like Village name, tehsil, district, etc.  

Step 4. After that, you have to enter your “Gata number” or measles to view the required information.

Step 5. After entering the required details, you will be able to see the condition of your land on your screen in a few moments.

After knowing all these facts about the UP bhulekh portal, we must say that this portal is a very beneficial step towards transparency and convenience to the public in recording land-related information.

A mass of people will be benefitted from this portal. We also hope that you find this article informative and insightful for you. For more of such content, stay tuned to our website.

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