Windows 11 Release Date, ISO File Download, and Requirements

Most of you must be familiar with the Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system all around the globe which supports the modern day PCs , laptops and other devices too. Microsoft had launched many versions of the windows operating system before the Windows 11 which were used and loved by all the users worldwide. Some of the common windows versions released by Microsoft are :-

  • Windows 98 launched in the year 1998.
  • Windows 2000 launched in the year 2000.
  • Windows XP launched in the year 2001.
  • Windows Vista launched in the year 2007.
  • Windows 7 launched in the year 2009.
  • Windows 8 launched in the year 2012.
  • Windows 10 launched in the year 2015..

The latest version of the Microsoft Windows software is the Windows 11 which is released recently by Microsoft in 2021. This version is released after 6 long years since the launch of its previous version, Windows 10.

This time, Microsoft is back with its all new OS which is designed to create a modern user experience for the working professionals as well as the individual users. This version of windows is simple to use, has a great UI design and what not !

Windows launched the first preview of windows 11 back in June 2021 after which the windows fans have gone crazy . Everybody just wanted to try and experience the all- new Windows 11 which the Microsoft has created with such a nice feel and design. As this is the first release of Microsoft Windows 11, there will certainly be many improvements for the latest OS in the upcoming years.

People are giving a ton of positive reviews about this new version of Microsoft windows OS and they are just loving the new Windows 11. Although, you can say that Windows 11 is a kind of replacement for the earlier decided Windows 10 X.

Windows 11 has been officially launched on 5th October 2021 by the Microsoft. Windows 11 is available as a general windows update to the existing windows 10 users. The update will be available for the eligible devices in the updates section of the Windows 10.

The users can easily update and install the windows 11 from the updates section. According to Microsoft, the new devices will get this update earlier as compared to the old devices.

Software to Check Windows 11 Requirement

According to the Microsoft window 11 will run only on the compatible system. They also released the software to check the requirements to need the window 11 Operating System.

Windows 11 System requirements

The system requirements for a device to be able to run Windows 11 is quite high in comparison to the earlier versions of the Microsoft windows. The system requirements are such that probably the older CPUs won’t be able to run the Windows 11 OS on them.

The major problem is that, Windows 11 will no longer support the devices having 32 – bit system architecture. One more problem in installing the windows 11 is that it requires the support of TPM 2.0 . We have prepared a list of the system requirements for the new Windows 11 OS:-

ProcessorMinimum 1 GHz (gigahertz) with at least 2 cores processor, 64 – bit system architecture.
StorageA Minimum of 64 GB of storage
Trusted Platform ModuleTPM version 2 ( TPM 2.0 )
GraphicsAt least compatible with Direct X version 12
System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot Capability

In case, your device doesn’t get an automatic update for the new Windows 11, you can still Install Windows 11 on your system through an ISO file of the same. However, the windows installed by this method will be an unsupported version and it will not get any kind of updates in future, released by the Microsoft.

However, Microsoft is not going to force its users to update to Windows 11 this time. The windows 10 users can stick to their version as Microsoft will soon be releasing an official update for the Windows 10 as well. So, even if you don’t update to Windows 11 , you can still get updates for your device for a while at least.

What’s new in Microsoft Windows 11 :-

1. Windows 11 has got a massive update that will let its users to run the android apps on your windows device. According to the reports, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon app store to provide the Android apps on the windows platform. However, this feature is not yet released by the company but it can be released in the further updates as per the sources.

2. Windows 11 now comes with rounded corners tabs. Windows has always been providing sharp corner edges but this time Windows has come up with the rounded corners. Now, the Start Menu is also centered and floating which adds a great touch to the new UI. Apart from this, the taskbar is also centered now which gives a feel of the Mac OS UI in windows. Windows 11 comes with a big visual change with a lot more of improvement in its icons which seems more modern and colorful than ever.

3. Windows 11 also comes with an updated version of the calculator app. The calculator UI also has the use of rounded corners in it. It also has some new calculating modes like Programming mode, Graphing mode etc. Now, It supports over hundreds of units and currencies.

4. Microsoft windows clock app is coming with a very interesting mode called as the Focus Mode which will help the users to focus for a certain period of time. Apart from this, the Spotify Music app can also be integrated with the focus mode to add background music in it.

5. Microsoft is also introducing some top- notch features for gaming too which will enhance the gaming experience on the windows platform. One of the features is called Auto HDR which was first provided in the Xbox gaming consoles and now it is being provided in the windows platform too.

6. Windows 11 will also have some major improvements in the Photos App which will change the user experience on the Photos App from windows 10. It also comes up with the rounded corners UI. The new Photos App also supports multi – view option where the users can view more than one images simultaneously on the same app window.

7. If you often use virtual desktops, then probably you are going to like this feature a lot. Now, Windows will allow you to change the wallpapers of all the virtual desktops which will help you to easily distinguish between them. Also, you can enhance the looks of all the virtual desktops separately from each other.

So, the Windows 11 is that kind of update in Microsoft windows which everyone is going to like. It has a whole bunch of cool features and designs that everyone expects from a good Operating System. It also has many useful features for creative designers, working professionals, gamers and approx. every type of user that the windows has. It is safe to say that Windows 11 is the best update till date in the history of Microsoft Windows till date. Also, since it is the first version of windows 11, there can be a lot of improvements in many areas in the coming future.

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